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Another year begins and we take advantage and financial of this first post of 2015 to wish our readers a happy new year. May everyone enjoy good health and peace together with friends and family. We at Confiança Investimentos will continue to strive to contribute in whatever we can to make Brazil and the world better.

Well, the emphasis we have given to family protection has caught the attention of some of our customers and friends. After all, they ask, isn’t Confiança an investment company?

It is true. Confiança Investimentos is a financial advisory company. But properly monetizing clients’ resources according to their respective investor profiles is only part of our mission.

It is very unpleasant to know that a family structure can be totally shaken due to the interruption of the income generating capacity of its main provider. And this has made us increasingly seek to integrate concern for family protection into the scope of our work.

In fact, there is a line of thinking that we share that holds that a successful financial strategy involves four steps:

  • income generation;
  • Risk management;
  • resource accumulation; and
  • personal and family achievements.

income generation

Income generation through work is the main source of wealth creation. People use their personal talents to add some kind of value to society and, on the other hand, earn recurring income that allows them to satisfy needs, such as food, health, housing, leisure, among others. The more recognized this contribution, the greater the retribution, which makes it possible to maintain living standards that are often quite comfortable.

Risk management

Families gradually get used to a certain standard of living. Living in a comfortable property located in a pleasant neighborhood, enrolling your children in good schools and complementary activities, wearing good clothes, going on vacation, going to good restaurants, and so on. But wait a minute: what if the income generation that allows this comfort is interrupted for some reason? Yup. A person can be stricken with a serious illness or have an accident and, as a result, remain hospitalized for several days, become disabled and, worst of all, die. While no one wants this to happen, it is a possibility that should be considered as it is more common than it seems. For this reason, people aware of their responsibility to the family protect themselves through life insurance.

Accumulation of resources

After satisfying consumption needs and setting aside a portion of income for risk management, now it’s time to invest the surplus. The objective is to accumulate resources to carry out life projects (opening a company or branch, buying a property, doctorate, travel, retirement, among others). It is essential that these resources are invested in the best possible way. In the case of financial investments, it is important to have a diversified portfolio, assembled according to your investor profile (conservative, moderate or aggressive). Again, it is important to enlist the help of an advisor.


In addition to working for several years, keeping your family always protected against unforeseen events and investing surplus resources in good financial investments, you were also able to fulfill several dreams. But for the vast majority of people the main dream is to conquer their financial independence. From this point on, you can even continue working, if you want, but you will already have financial resources at your disposal that will guarantee that your family will have a maintained standard of living even if, for whatever reason, you stop generating income from work.

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Good investments!

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