I have a high standard of living. How can I ensure the same standard in my retirement?

Due to the high standard of living, many doctors are afraid that they will not be able to maintain the style in retirement. Or, still, having to work shifts to supplement income and not lose quality of life even after so many years of work.

Therefore, it is important to think about the future so that you can, in fact, have the desired retirement. After all, with planning, it is possible to achieve this goal and have the desired comfort without having to continue working until a very advanced age.

Read on and understand the importance of having your finances organized and investing to ensure this more peaceful future. Come on?

How do I know how much income I need in retirement?

The first thing to consider when it comes to maintaining your standard of living in retirement is your current spending. That is, the amount you need to receive to cover all your expenses during the month.

Thus, you will understand how much you will need to supplement your future income to maintain your current standard of living. For example, imagine that you have a monthly expense of R$ 20 thousand. If you contribute to the INSS (National Social Security Institute) ceiling, you expect to receive R$5,000 from Social Security.

In this case, it will be necessary to add R$ 15 thousand to maintain your standard of living in retirement. Therefore, it is essential to think about the heritage you will build during the productive phase.

It is also necessary to define if you want to obtain a lifetime income and pass on your assets to your heirs or if you want an income for the term proportional to your life expectancy. All this will influence the amount you should accumulate.

What investments might be interesting for the long term?

When it comes to retirement, investments should focus on the long term. In addition, to have more consistent results, the ideal is to start as soon as possible. Thus, you will have more time to accumulate equity and achieve the goals set.

In this sense, choosing the best investment alternatives needs to consider your investor profile and your goals. Some people are more open to risk and may be more exposed in search of better returns.

Others prefer greater security over time. Still, it is important to know the alternatives available in the market. Check out the main ones!

investment funds

Investment funds are collective investment modalities and function as condominiums. Thus, investors acquire shares to participate in the results obtained. Assets are managed by a professional manager.

It is he who makes the decisions on how and where to invest. In this case, the manager follows the fund’s strategy, which may have different risk profiles and strategies.

For example, there are vehicles focused on fixed income, which may be more suitable for conservative people, who want greater security in their investments. However, there are also funds with bolder strategies, which can align with those who have greater risk tolerance — and long-term focus.

IPCA Treasury

The IPCA Treasury is one of the public securities offered by the Federal Government on the Treasury Direct platform . One of the main advantages of this alternative is that it always offers profitability above inflation.

This is because it is linked to the IPCA (Ample National Consumer Price Index), plus a fixed percentage. There are also different titles available, with different terms and rates. Furthermore, the investor can choose options with payment of semi-annual interest coupons or with profitability only on redemption.

Stocks that pay dividends

Shares are the smallest portions of a company’s share capital. By acquiring the shares and becoming a shareholder of a company, the positive results of the business can bring profit with the distribution of dividends, for example.

Thus, it is possible to build a portfolio with these assets in order to receive long-term earnings. They represent benefits distributed by companies, according to the defined rules and the number of shares held by the investor. Therefore, they can help in capital accumulation and provide passive income.

real estate funds

Real estate funds (FIIs) are alternatives for those interested in investing in the real estate sector. They are investment funds, that is, they also have a manager responsible for managing financial resources.

An important point is that it is possible to find FIIs with different objectives, such as those that invest in real estate projects with the objective of obtaining income from the lease. Thus, they can generate passive income for shareholders from what they receive from rents.

However, they may also have other strategies, such as investing in fixed income investments linked to the real estate sector or in shares of other funds. Among the advantages is the possibility of receiving dividends, which can collaborate with the construction of a recurring income.

private pension

Private Pension is one of the most sought after investments when it comes to retirement. It can be used as a way to supplement income when you retire. After all, it works on the basis of a period of capital accumulation and another of usufruct.

There are several alternatives available on the market. Before choosing the most suitable one, be sure to analyze aspects such as the risk profile, investment rules, among others. In this way, you can optimize your results and make a choice in line with your needs.

What problems can I face along the way?

After learning how to plan, it is important to be aware of the difficulties that may arise. This will make it possible to adopt prevention strategies. For example, one of the main problems faced is the calculation errors on the monthly contributions.

This can cause them to not be enough to earn you the income you need in the future. Another mistake is investing in inappropriate or inefficient financial assets or products. Typically, this problem is a result of problems in analyzing the risk profile and objectives.

Another point that every doctor should consider is that financial independence is a long-term goal. Therefore, it is not advisable to seek short-term alternatives to this goal. With attention and care, it becomes easier to avoid these mistakes when investing and build a stronger portfolio.

How can I get support to gain my financial independence?

If you still have doubts, you can count on an investment consulting and financial planning company . The service focuses on promoting financial education and helping with investment planning, both for retirement and for other purposes.

As you have seen, with good planning it is possible to maintain the standard of living in retirement. Starting this project early and seeking more and more knowledge, it will be easier to achieve this goal. So don’t leave this task aside and guarantee more quality of life in the future!

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