The record ETH sale is a cherry on top of Axie Infinity’s strong week and even stronger year

While a rally in the second half of the week saw big names in the decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi) soar 100%, Axie Infinity – the Pokémon-inspired NFT game – carried the flag into the NFT space, closing a wild week of progress with a sale a record 300 ether (about $ 130,000).

The incredibly expensive Axie – the NFT-supported bugs used to play and fight in the Axie Infinity game – is called Angel and is one of the 19 “mystical triple” Axies in existence today. Angel was sold on Friday at the Axie NFT market, where it was almost immediately reclassified for an impressive sum of 666 ether (more than $ 250,000).

The sale of the game at the top of a strong week, full of updates and news. Highlights included a live “The Last Lunacian” tournament, a collaboration with the DeFi Aave loan protocol on a limited edition NFT suite and a breach of 9,000 monthly active users.

Perhaps the most exciting for members of the Axie community, however, was the launch of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), Axie’s governance token, which aired on Tuesday. According to the Axie website, the tokens will be used to earn betting rewards, function as currency in Axie’s native NFT market and grant voting rights in the future governance system.

“It is clear that the world is awakening to the enormous potential of Axie Infinity and this special community that we cultivate,” said Axie Infinity growth leader, Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin, in a statement to Cointelegrap. “AXS, the Axie governance token, will be the foundation of our mission to empower millions of players.”

AXS was listed on Binance on Wednesday, where it currently trades at $ 0.14 – an increase of 40% over the public selling price.

The main metrics are pointing to the game throughout the year. The total number of wallets that currently have an Axie NFT has increased from 3,045 to 14,929, an increase of 490%, and similarly, total market participants have increased from 2,056 to 10,042, an increase of 488% – both amid flights parabolic, according to data provided by Nansen.

Axie’s progress may also reflect a growing interest across the NFT space. In a recent interview, Aavegotchi co-founder Jesse Johnson said that NFTs may soon become the backbone of DeFi, and the NFT space as a whole has been valued at $ 100 million. For his part, Zirlin believes that this is just the beginning for NFTs in games: “This is just the beginning of a trend that will culminate in many of the most popular games in the world owned and operated by the communities that play them.”