Blockchain technology is useful to meet NATO standards in the aerospace and defense sector.

Thales, a French multinational specializing in products and services for the aerospace and defense industries, is using blockchain technology for a new management system at its production center in Spain.

According to an   official announcement on November 5, Thales is looking to deploy technologies like blockchain and big data to enable the digital transformation of its production and maintenance center with a focus on defense and aeronautics.

As part of the initiative, the Paris-based company seeks to meet the standards of NATO and defense authorities using blockchain to increase the traceability of processes at the center. The ad says: “To meet NATO and Defense Ministries standards with which the company collaborates, the blockchain will be used to ensure the traceability of all parts and products handled at the Production and Maintenance Center.”

Thales eSecurity |  Pure Storage

According to the announcement, the block will be part of a new management system that will connect to all the applications they currently use on their network. The new platform is expected to efficiently connect all processes, improve communication with customers as well as maintenance operations.


Radio, aeronautical and naval equipment are among the products that will have this new management system, notes the announcement.

Thales has been experimenting with technology to boost its operations in recent years. In 2018, she partnered with the large consulting firm Accenture to update aircraft supply chains using blockchain.

Thales did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.